FBI: Man Went Violent on Flight to Amsterdam, May Have Been High

A man who allegedly swore and acted violently on a flight from Boston to Amsterdam in November faces federal charges.

Kurt Haberstroh, 20, left the lavatory in a bloody mess on a Delta flight to Amsterdam Nov. 17, angerly swore at flight attendants and repeatedly punched his traveling companion in the face, according to an FBI affidavit.

Haberstroh was refused entry upon landing in Holland and was deported to the United States Nov. 19, the affidavit said. A charge of intimidating a flight crew member was brought against Haberstroh Monday, according to court filings. Haberstroh was remanded in custody of U.S. Marshals with an interview and hearing scheduled Tuesday, according to court filings.

While boarding the flight at Logan International Airport, Haberstroh could be heard loudly swearing in conversation with a friend, and the behavior continued through the flight, according to the affidavit, written by FBI Special Agent Daniel Romanzo.

“After the aircraft doors closed, Haberstroh suddenly hit the armrest and shouted ‘Let’s get this fucking plane in the air already,'” the affidavit said.

Mid-flight, there was a medical emergency, and a flight attendant went to retrieve equipment from the cabin above Haberstroh, the affidavit said. When some of the items fell to the ground, Haberstroh warned the attendant to “be more careful with that shit,” Romanzo wrote.

Later in the flight, Haberstroh couldn’t find his cellphone and allegedly began to tear through his carry-on luggage and pull apart his coach-class seat.

“They stole my fucking phone! They took my fucking phone!” Haberstroh said, according to the affidavit.

When a man traveling with Haberstroh tried to calm him, Haberstroh allegedly repeatedly punched him in the face. The man eventually convinced Haberstroh his cellphone was in his bag, the affidavit said. The man said to Haberstroh, “You’re fucked up. You’re high. I told you not to take all of that shit before you got on the plane,” according to the affidavit.

About four hours into the flight, several crew members heard loud noises coming from one of the lavatories. The door swung open and Haberstroh emerged with his hands and arms covered with blood according to the affidavit.

When a flight attendant asked Haberstroh if he had trouble opening the door, he responded, “Fuck you!” the affidavit said.

The inside of the lavatory was also covered in blood, and when a flight attendant asked him to clean it up, Haberstroh allegedly stood an inch from his face and said “Are you talking to me? Who do you think you’re talking to?” according to the affidavit.

After he returned to his seat, another flight attendant brought Haberstroh a towel to clean his hands, but he apparently didn’t want it.

“I don’t need it, get that fucking thing away from me!” Haberstroh said, according to the affidavit.

Flight attendants warned Haberstroh that if he did not calm down, they would place him in plastic zip cuffs for the rest of the flight, the affidavit said. flight crew members met with a federal agent who was aboard the flight, and showed him the disheveled bathroom as Haberstroh continued to fight with his flight companion, kicking the seat in front of him and punching his friend in the face, the affidavit said.

Following a violent struggle with his friend, several federal agents aboard the flight surrounded Haberstroh and arrested him, the affidavit said.

When the flight landed, Haberstroh was denied entrance to The Netherlands and ordered deported to the United States as soon as he was medically cleared, the affidavit said. He was sent back on a Delta flight on Nov. 19 without incident.

Court records show Haberstroh is a resident of Brighton, but a press release issued by the office of U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz Thursday said he is from Watertown.


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