Dealer Allegedly Used RMV Bathroom for Crack Sales

A man charged with distributing cocaine allegedly used a bathroom at the Washington Street Registry of Motor Vehicles to sell crack.

On June 17 about noon, London Lee, 18, of Roxbury allegedly sent an undercover police officer who approached him on the street to a second-floor bathroom of the RMV. Lee met the officer there and traded two bags of crack for $30, according to a police affidavit written by Boston Police Sgt. William Dwan.

Before leaving the restroom, Lee also gave the undercover his cell phone number – should he want to buy crack again – and told him to file it under “Murda,” the affidavit said.

A strip-search of Lee found bags of crack and heroin hidden in his buttocks, the affidavit said. Along with the hidden drugs, Lee also had a folding knife and $214 on him, police said.

Lee is charged with distributing cocaine within 1000 feet of a school because of the proximity to University High, the affidavit said. Lee was approached by the undercover officer at the corner of Boylston and Washington Streets, where he was standing with three other men near a flower pot, police said.

He was indicted on the charge in U.S. District Court last week.

The arrest was part of a heightening investigation into drug sales around the Common, Theater District and Chinatown, Dwan wrote.


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