New England Teamsters Sue Waste Management

Author’s Note: The following report is based on a complaint filed by the New England Teamsters, not any branch of law enforcement or state prosecution. The case is civil, not criminal.

A truckers union is suing Waste Management, alleging the waste hauling giant has failed to make pension payments for some employees.

The New England Teamsters Local 379 is demanding Waste Management pay what they owe, plus interest and legal expenses, according to a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Boston.

A collective bargaining agreement between Waste Management and the Teamsters called for the waste company to make contributions on behalf of certain employees to  its pension fund and to pay late charges for contributions not timely paid, the complaint, said the complaint, submitted by attorney Catherine Campbell.

The failure of payments came to light as result of a payroll audit, the complaint said. It does not specify how much money the Teamsters allege Waste Management owes.

The complaint calls for Waste Management to pay the unpaid contributions with interest, liquidated damages in an amount equal to the greater of interest on the unpaid contributions or 20% of the unpaid contributions, and to cover legal fees.


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