Friday Rundown: Man Faces 8th DUI Charge, Dorchester Murder Suspect Arrested

This week’s rundown includes the arrest of a murder suspect, an alleged burglar caught in the act and a drunk who can’t seem to stay out of the driver’s seat.

Let’s get down to business:

  • Murder Suspect Arrested: Anthony Robertson, 20, of Dorchester is being held without bail facing a charge of murder in the death Aaron Wornum, who was killed June 26 on Sumner Street.  Boston Police found Wornum, 25, suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was later pronounced deceased, according to the Boston Police blog. Robertson also faces a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. He was arrested Wednesday in Dorchester.
  • Alleged Burglar Caught in Act: Boston Police were patrolling a Newbury Street alleyway early Thursday morning when they allegedly spotted 42-year-old Antonio Roman jump from an air conditioning belonging to BLVD Boston. Officers, aware of recent breaks, stopped the suspect to further investigate. Roman’s excuse? He said he was simply going to the bathroom, according to the BPD blog. But police found a bag with him carrying common burglary tools and Roman eventually admitted to the deed. Roman was charged with attempted breaking and entering and possession of burglarious tools.
  • Drunk Driving at Revere Beach: A Winthrop man already convicted on seven previous occasions was allegedly caught drunk driving again on Tuesday. Joseph Limone, 60, He was driving all over Beach Street in Revere, sounding the horn of his 1988 Lincoln Town Car repeatedly, and tailgating and yelling at another vehicle, according to a Suffolk County District Attorney news release. He failed to properly recite the alphabet in a sobriety test and couldn’t walk a straight line, prosecutors said. Once arrested he told a state trooper, “Get the cuffs off me and I will [expletive] you up. Just you and me,” the D.A.’s office said.  His previous seven OUI convictions date back as far as 1983, all in the greater Boston area. He is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing next week.
  • Victims’ Kin Say Keep Greig Behind Bars: Four family members of alleged victims of James “Whitey” Bulger spoke out against the release of Catherine Greig while her charges pend. Greig, the long-time girlfriend of Bulger and his partner on the run, wants to be released to the confinement of her sisters home pending trial, the Boston Globe reports. “She does not deserve that freedom,’’ Steven Davis, brother of alleged victim Debra Davis, said during a detention hearing Wednesday. “In my eyes, she’s an evil woman.’’ Greig remains jailed while a judge mulls the request.
  • Northeastern Chemistry Ph. D Student Charged with Dealing Drugs: Dennis Szymanski, a Ph. D student at the Barnett Institute, allegedly drove from Boston to Philadelphia on April 20 with two kilograms of MDA he planned to sell for $36,000. But he had set up the deal with a source cooperating with federal investigators, and when he arrived at a South Philadelphia Best Buy parking lot to make the trade was arrested by Immigrations and Customs Exchange agents, according to an ICE affidavit. He was charged with distributing a controlled substance.Szymanski was released on bail as the case awaited review by a grand jury. But he got back into trouble when the man who set up his arrest received a threatening email from “” on June 30, that Szymanski allegedly sent from a library computer in Worcester.

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