Four Indicted in Lawrence to New Bedford Heroin Ring

Four men have been indicted in connection to a cross-state heroin ring that connected two of the Commonwealth’s most depressed cities.

Luis Alberto Gonzalez, Victor Santan-Guerrero, Angel Concepcion and Oveido Lopez were each indicted on charges of conspiracy to distribute heroin and possession with intent to distribute.

The four men ran a ring where large quantities of heroin were shipped from Lawrence to New Bedford on a nearly daily basis, according to a DEA investigator. They were among six arrested in a bust in Lawrence in February where agents seized nine pounds of heroin worth about $3 million.

The New Bedford DEA office began watching the ring by physical surveillance in November 2010 in New Bedford, and were able to track it back to Lawrence by planting GPS devices on drug runners’ cars. The GPS showed one runner made the 180-mile round trip between the cities on a daily basis.

The source of the heroin was a stash house, 570 South Union Street Apartment 8, in Lawrence. A runner would pick up the drugs and several members of the conspiracy in Lawrence, drive to New Bedford and pick up a few more, then they would fan out across New Bedford, selling heroin until the runner picked them up at the end of the day, according to DEA affidavit.

After receiving a search warrant in Lawrence District Court, agents raided the stash house Feb. 2, arresting the four men and seizing the drugs.

Agents had difficulty identifying one of the men Alberto Gonzalez, because he had mutilated his fingerprints, an affidavit said.

Federal charges were brought in April and the indictments were handed down Thursday in U.S. District Court in Boston. All four remain imprisoned pending trial.


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