Alleged Psychedelic Dealer Wants Release to Finish Ph. D in Chemistry

Previous Report: Northeastern Student Charged with Bulk Sales of MDA, Threatening Informant

A man who faces state and federal charges for allegedly distributing psychedelic drugs wants to be released from prison so he can finish his Ph. D in chemistry at Northeastern University.

Dennis Szymanski, who was arrested last week after allegedly threatening an informant who set him up, wants to be released to the custody of his parents in Boylston, according to a filing by defense attorney Charles Rankin.

Szymanski will only leave his home for medical care, visiting his attorney and to complete his degree, Rankin wrote. He is a Ph. D student in chemistry at Northeastern’s Barnett Institute.

He was arrested on April 20 in Philadelphia, where federal investigators – with the help of a confidential informant – set up a purchase of $36,000 for two kilograms psychedelic MDA (further lab testing has shown the drug was actually MDMA, commonly called ecstasy, according to a court filing).

Szymanski was released on $50,000 bail shortly after his arrest, but got back into trouble when he allegedly sent threatening emails and Facebook messages to the informant who set up the Philadelphia drug exchange and his family. He faces a charge of threatening a government witness stemming from the threats.

It isn’t the first time Szymanski has been charged with distributing a drug, according prosecutors. He was arrested in Boston on November 10 last year and charged with distributing liquid LSD, U.S. Attorney Christopher Bator wrote in a motion calling for Szymanski to be held until trial.

Szymanski allegedly previously admitted to investigators he uses illegal drugs, Bator wrote. He also lied when asked if he had any drug cases pending against him when he was interviewed after his arrest in Philadelphia in April, Bator wrote.

No decision has been handed down on either request, according to the court docket. The case is assigned to Magistrate Judge Timothy Hillman.


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